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Corgy and Friends Makes Your Child Learn How to Learn!

*you can download corgyandfriends for free for a limited time 

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Why Us
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Designed by experts in cognitive development and game based learning

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50+ Games specifically targeting attention, memory and perception skills


Propriety assessment &reporting

 system for parents


Independent use facilitated by visual and audio cues

Age appropriate content, no ads and no in-app purchases for the child

Take a sneak peek into Corgy and Friends

Corgy needs you and your brain power! Help Corgy solve the puzzles hidden away in the park, collect points and build your own park. Corgy and Friends is developed by Intelact

Intelact is an international EdTech company with a focus on early childhood education.

At Intelact, we work with cutting edge faculty and technology to develop and deliver educational platforms, which leverage gamified and adaptive learning.

How It Works

Young Learners and Their Parents
Love Corgy and Friends

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I loved how I played with Corgy and we did missions together like cleaning the ocean and taking care of the pets at the shelter. It was so much fun!

Daphne, 5 year old, Sweden

Try Corgy and Friends for free!

For a limited time, Corgy and Friends is available for free!

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